Thursday, June 29, 2006

Illustration Friday: Rain

Wooo! First post in a loooong time. And it's appropriate because upstate New York is being drenched right now. (Though I made the IF deadline by an if anyone sees this, that's great.) Also, would you believe this piece is completely digital? And done in software that only costs $20? Well it's true! It's called ArtRage. They have a free version too!! All you illustrators should check it out riiiiight now.

And for anyone else who cares, I graduated college and I am now working at Fisher-Price as an animator! Wahoo!! Though the job is only til February, so I will be looking for something in a few months. (Anyone out there from Laika want to give me a call? Yeah? Okay, cool.) Oh and my new website will seriously be up soon. I want to get it done before Siggraph in Look for that too.