Sunday, October 30, 2005

Halloween '05

What was my costume this year you ask? Something horrfiying. Something so scary you can hardly bear to look. That's right: I went as Tom Cruise and Meg (my roommate) went as pregnant Katie Holmes. ::cue high pitched horror movie shriek::

We walked around saying things like:

Meg: "He's the most AMAZING guy!"

"Have you heard about scientology? I'm having a silent birth!"

Me: "If it's a boy we're gonna name it Tom, and if its a girl we're gonna name it Tom."

Then I'd jump on the couch and give lots of thumbs up's.


Uber said...

Ha! That's really cute. You two look terrific. ;) You really look like Cruise and not just some guy in shades.

Anonymous said...

lurker from illustration friday. That is simply the best halloween idea ever!!!!

Alison Ashwell said...

great idea