Sunday, July 08, 2007

Vintage: The Wizard's Duel

The Sword in the Stone is one of my favorite Disney films. Well, that's a lie...I really only like certain parts of it. Namely, the part with the squirrels, the part where Merlin packs his house into a bag, and this part...the wizard's duel. I found this at a flea market on the Cape a few months ago and snatched it up for the awesome illustrations inside. I've created a .pdf of the book and uploaded it to Scribd. That site is awesome! As you can see, (I hope), it allows you to share documents easily. I would like to start some sort of animation library on there, much like a Flickr pool, except for documents and books. So scroll through the pages, then if you like you can download the .pdf through Scribd. (When you open it in Acrobat, or FoxIt as I prefer, you can view two pages side by side, just as the book intended.)


julia said...

Hey Bill~
So I met your awesome parents during a kayaking trip last Sat on "The Vineyard". [btw]Your mom misses you and you should probably go home soon. (ha ha ha) Anyway...I'm into photography and that's how it all started. Well in all honesty I think it started with your sister having lived in Boulder, and me having moved from Denver, but I digress. We exchanged "info" and here I am on your blog. I don't know anyone in the animation world so I'm fascinated. I've added you to my google reader feed! Maybe they told you about me I don't know. My name is Julia. I feel ridiculous plugging my blog on your blog but it seems only fair [] I'm going to add a link to yours from mine!I promised your mom I'd drop you a line and I bet she doesn't think I actually will. Tell her I DID! Best

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