Wednesday, October 24, 2007

John K Lesson - Constructing Bugs

John K just posted an awesome lesson on constructing Bugs Bunny. Here's the original image:

And my attempt:

The test:

Wow! I thought I was doing so much better! And the one you see above is after I enlarged/moved the dogs head so I could compare it better. Things I did wrong:

1. Proportions - Bugs' neck and body are too long. Dog's head was drawn way too small.

2. Angles/Direction - Bugs's ears and neck are pointing the wrong way. Dog's cheeks are funny.

There's probably a lot more wrong with it...what a great exercise! I gotta do this every day.


benjatoon studio said...

nice blog man!

Ken said...

nice work u got!

Michelle said...

You got it pretty close! I thought it was identical until you did the overlay. That was a cool project, wish I had some time to participate. :)